The Holden Commodore: A Brief History

The Holden Commodore is a mid-size car that has been a staple of the Australian automotive landscape for decades. It was first introduced in 1978 as a replacement for the Holden Kingswood, and it has undergone numerous updates and redesigns over the years.

One of the most iconic models of the Holden Commodore is the VB, which was introduced in 1978 and was in production until 1981. It was powered by a range of inline six and V8 engines, and it was available in both sedan and wagon body styles.

The next generation of the Holden Commodore, the VC, was introduced in 1981 and was in production until 1984. It featured a more modern design and a range of new engines, including a fuel-injected V6.

The Holden Commodore continued to evolve in the 1980s and 1990s, with the introduction of new models such as the VN, VP, and VR. These models featured a range of improvements, including new engines, updated designs, and improved safety features.

In the 2000s, the Holden Commodore underwent a major redesign, with the introduction of the VY, VZ, and VE models. These models featured a more modern and sophisticated design, and they were available in a range of body styles, including sedan, wagon, and utility.

Today, the Holden Commodore is in its seventh generation, with the VF model being replaced by the VG in 2021. It continues to be a popular choice for Australian drivers, thanks to its combination of performance, style, and practicality.

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